Sixmilewater Park, Ballyclare.
Sixmilewater Park, Ballyclare.

A BALLYCLARE woman was left ‘in a state of shock’ after being stabbed in the abdomen at a park in the town on Monday (January 9).

The family of 25-year-old Ms Bell - who did not want her first name published - said she was left in shock following the “totally random” incident.

Ms Bell was attacked while she was walking her boyfriend’s dog on her own in Ballyclare’s Sixmilewater Park at around 12.30pm.

Her father told the Times she noticed a man running out of the wooded area close to the duck pond.

He said: “She didn’t really notice him until he ran into her and barged her in the shoulder. She said to him to ‘watch where you’re going’, before he ran away.

“She didn’t realise that she had actually been stabbed, but somehow the dog sensed it and was jumping up on her.

“Then she noticed the wound on her stomach and felt faint and sickish - and when she got back to her boyfriend’s house she went to the health centre.

“And once the doctor had a brief look at it he sent her straight to hospital.”

Nothing was stolen from Ms Bell, who suffers from ME, during the attack. She was still recovering from her injury in hospital late on Tuesday. Her father described the weapon used as being ‘long, thin and narrow.’

He added: “It went in horizontally and quite deep. We don’t know what it was, but she was lucky. She is ok - badly shaken about what happened - but other than that she will recover.”

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