World Sport Day celebrated at Funky Monkeys Olympic event

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To CELEBRATE World Sport Day 2012 and the upcoming Olympics games, the Funky Monkeys softplay centre at the Starplan Complex on the Longwood Road hosted its very own Olympic themed event for customers on Monday, June 25.

Many enthusiastic children from the community took part in the celebration which included softplay football matches, basketball, bowling, skipping and relay races, with each participant going away with a certificate and the winners receiving a ‘Funky’ Olympic trophy.

Clare Hughes of Funky Monkeys Newtownabbey explained: “We couldn’t let the excitement of the upcoming Olympic games pass us by without joining in the fun and so we organised this event across our eight centres to help make the children more interested in being active as well as all the different cultures taking part in the Olympics.

“The event was a great success and it was fantastic to see the kids get involved and excited about the Olympics, whilst the mums and dads were able to sit back and relax in our café. On behalf of Funky Monkeys Newtownabbey, I would like to thank everyone who took part and made the day so enjoyable and we look forward to holding similar special themed events in the future.”

For more information, ring Funky Monkeys Newtownabbey on Tel: 028 9036 9333 or visit

Funky Monkeys is specifically tailored for children aged 8 and under, so an age and height restriction of 4’ 3” applies.