A8 is ‘vandalism’

- AS RESIDENTS of Church Road, Ballynure, we were astonished to learn that it is to be closed and a link road provided to the new Templepatrick Road roundabout.

Will our address even be ‘Ballynure’ any more, as the proposal cuts us off from the village? The original proposal showed Church Road as being maintained, and passing beneath the new route.

We also learned of a proposal to to culvert the river, a tributary of the Sixmilewater. The river has, for a number of years, suffered from pollutions problems. It is now going to be faced with flowing through what is effectively a concrete pipe, with a resultant adverse effect on fish life and other wildlife.

This new proposal will destroy an important nursery and spawning habitat and present an impassable barrier to migrating fish.

These proposals appear to be an amendment of the initially proposed flyover at Church Road. I can only assume that the amendment has been to save on costs, albeit at the expense of local residents and the environment.

May I respectfully suggest to cut costs they abandon the whole road scheme which appears to be quite unnecessary, a waste of public money, and unpopular.

The money would be better spent on hospitals and schools. After the exhibition we drove back to Church Road and approaching Ballynure there was not a single car or lorry or any other vehicle on this half mile long stretch of road.

There is no need for this road. Why are we allowing the department to vandalise the environment and waste our money?

Yours faithfully,

Church Road resident.

(Name and adddress supplied)