No decisions made on Ballyclare facility

Your article “Closure fears for Ballyclare health facility” (January 14) stated that MindWise service users were told that the Resource Centre in Ballyclare may be closing in May or June of this year.

As we were not contacted for comment before this article was published, I would like to clarify the current situation. This is particularly important for some of our service users as a headline such as this may cause undue worry and have a detrimental effect on their mental health and wellbeing.

MindWise are currently undertaking a review of the day care service for the Ballyclare, Carrick and Newtownabbey area to ensure the service meets clients’ needs and is fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Going forward we must be confident that the service is properly targeted and covers the needs of residents across the whole geographical area. For some time the Ballyclare day centre has not been fully utilised and has struggled to attract new clients from outside of the local area. This review process is ongoing and no decisions have been made. We are fully committed to stakeholder engagement and have held consultation events on this review process with our service users.

We met with service users to discuss the results of the consultation exercise and service users were informed that possible changes could see the service moved to a mixed model of estate- and community- based activities.

MindWise appreciate that any proposed change to a service is challenging for service users, staff and volunteers alike however we also believe that it is necessary to ensure changing and complex needs are met in a challenging environment. We are keeping our service users informed at each stage of the process and will support them through any transitions.

Edward Gorringe

Chief Executive