Theatre row: ‘Time for good old-fashioned common sense’

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Councillors Mark Cosgrove and John Blair are among very few who have come out of this debacle with credit; everyone I have spoken to about this shambles is humiliated and embarrassed to be represented in national and world media by this sorry shower.

I heard a lady in the library this morning say she was going to check with Councillor Hill if her children’s book choices were suitable. The irony would probably go right over his head.

Incidentally, my £200 for that night out for theatre, dinner and drinks with my wife and two friends is now going to Belfast, instead of supporting jobs and businesses in Newtownabbey, thanks to Mr Hill and friends. I was very disappointed by the Mayor’s attitude to this act of censorship too.

As a unionist and a Presbyterian, I should also add that I saw this show in London some years ago and laughed until I cried. I was very much looking forward to seeing it again in our fabulous, ratepayer funded facility at Mossley Mill.

Chaining up the swings on Sunday again can only be a sub-committee vote away. Time for less fundamentalism and more old-fashioned common sense from people who really should know better.

Michael Love