Transport services should be for the benefit of the public

- THROUGH your paper I wish to publicise a problem.

According to what I read recently in your paper, meetings have been held by NBC representatives and other interested parties to consider how best to revitalise Glengormley and Ballyclare shopping centres.

On Tuesday last, February 15, for a change, I visited Ballyclare to do some shopping.

To my dismay I found myself stranded in Ballyclare with no means of transport home to Mossley.

The usual Bus No. 156 - Ballyclare to Belfast via Mossley, leaving the bus station at 12.50pm, was off. The reason given for the cancellation was that the schools were off, so the buses were not running.

Surely transport services should be for the convenience of the public?

Perhaps this transport problem could be raised by our representatives at future meetings.

Mossley Resident,

(Name and address supplied).