‘UUP has nothing to offer but negativity’

It is with great sadness that the people of Newtownabbey will have seen that the UUP has nothing to offer except negativity with their latest outburst regarding the Valley Park redevelopment project (letter from Cllr Mark Cosgrove, Newtownabbey Times, February 20 edition).

Over a week has passed since the tremendous news was revealed that the Valley Park had received £3.5million of European funding for the development of a shared civic space in the heart of the borough.

Rather than focus on the far reaching impacts that this project will have for our residents, the UUP focused their attention on attacking the DUP who have been a key component in securing this multi-million pound project.

Residents throughout Newtownabbey will be rightly aggrieved at the UUP, as they attempt to turn a great news story for our constituents into a politically divisive issue.

The UUP clearly fail to understand that this project is focused around shared space for the whole community and their attempts to politicise the Valley Park will have a negative impact upon community relations.

The DUP, in leading this project from inception to completion, have always been committed to ensuring its delivery, as we have long been convinced of the hugely beneficial impact it would have in Newtownabbey.

Cllr Cosgrove was not in attendance at the Planning and Consultation Committee meeting of Newtownabbey Borough Council when the decision to accept the funding took place.

Whilst the UUP continue to carp and attack from the sidelines, the DUP will continue to keep Northern Ireland moving forward by delivering projects such as the Valley which will have real and tangible benefits for all of our citizens.

Nigel Dodds MP

North Belfast