One year of Trump: his most bizarre tweets as President

One year of Trump: his most bizarre tweets as President
One year of Trump: his most bizarre tweets as President

January 20 marks a year since President Donald Trump moved into the White House.

It’s been anything, but uneventful.

Rarely has a week gone by without a shadow of controversy looming over the outspoken and erratic leader of the free world.

Some of his most bizarre outbursts, rants and statements have been delivered over social media platform Twitter.

Here are the most notable tweets sent by President Donald Trump during his first year as President.


Controversy surrounded President Trump’s inauguration with several White House figures quoting inaccurate figures of those in attendance. Determined to dispel claims that his inauguration was poorly attended, Trump took to Twitter quoting television ratings for the event.

The flame-haired president didn’t wait long to enforce one of his most controversial policies: a travel ban which limited the entry of citizens from Muslim-majority countries. The President tweeted his reason for swift action.


In February, Trump became involved in a war of words with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

… and The Terminator wasn’t the only one under verbal attack from the President. Mainstream media outlets were frequently branded as “Fake News Media” throughout the year by President Trump.


The verbal sparring match between Schwarzenegger and Trump carried over into March, with Trump attacking the former actor’s poor ratings.

Meanwhile, Trump took offence to a music video which depicted hip hop singer Snoop Dogg pulling a fake gun on the President.


Following a terrorist attack in Paris, instead of offering sympathy to the French people, Trump commentated on the atrocity’s effect on the upcoming French election.

The leader carried on his cyber diplomatic mission when he began an aggressive exchange of insults with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.


Following the dismissal of James Comey, Trump inferred that the former FBI chief was lying about the pair’s exchanges. Comey responded “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

Later in the month the President amused the world with an enigmatic mistweet.


Following horrendous terror attacks on London, Trump highlighted the lack of gun debate in the UK…

… and then took aim at the London Mayor Sadiq Khan.


To mark the beginning of July, Trump defended his social media use.

The war of words with “Fake News Media” also continued to hot up.


Following far right protests and ugly scenes in Charlottesville Virginia, Trump took an ambiguous stance to the debate.

Mexico continued to be on the receiving end of insults from the US  President, who carried on his call for a border wall.


In September, Trump poked fun at oil shortages in North Korea.

… and began a new Twitter spat – this time with NFL players protesting police brutality.


Trump continued to escalate rhetoric with North Korea – this time coining a nickname for the communist leader.


Next, Trump outlined plans for a new award ceremony – awards for which were issued earlier this week.

His tone became more and more childish as the debate with North Korea went on.


During the festive season, the President made the odd claim that people had been speaking in hushed tones about Christmas before he became president.


He started the new year as he spent last – by insulting rival leaders via Twitter.

And finally… as Michael Wolff’s explosive expose book Fire and Fury was released, Trump slammed the author, before taking aim at his former right hand man, Steve Bannon.