Busy summer on transfer front for East Antrim’s Amateur League sides

As East Antrim’s intermediate Northern Amateur League teams get back into action this Saturday, it’s time to have a look at the various comings and goings over the close season.

Friday, 8th August 2014, 2:47 pm

The list is by no means exhaustive, as quite a few managers hope to make further signings in the coming days.


Players in: Daniel Ellis (Ballyclare); Gary Barkley (Larne Tech); Chris Keenan (Larne).

Players out: Jacob Halliday (Knockbreda), Gary Workman (Knockbreda), Ryan Kane.

Last season: P26 W10 D4 L12 F55 F53 - Points 34 (8th, Premier Division).

Opening matches: Aug 9, Crumlin Star (h); Aug 12, Immaculata (h); Aug 16, Comber Rec (a).



Players in: Glenn Hand, M/S, Dunmurry Rec; John Rosbotham, S, Basement; Andrew Rosbotham, M, Derriaghy CC; Chris Monteith, D, Barn United; Terry Kirkpatrick, D/M, Dunmurry Rec; Davy Henry, G, Albert Foundry.

Players out: Andrew Simpson, M/S, Comrades; Owen Thompson, D, Larne; Simon Craig, M/S; Michael Herron, M/D, Dundela; Lee Graham, S, Mossley FC.

Last season: P 26 W15 D3 L8 F50 A48 – Points 48 (5th, Premier Division)

Opening matches: Aug 9, Shankill United (h); Aug 12, Comber Rec (h); Aug 16, Albert Foundry (a).


Players in: Conor Convery, D, Coleraine Reserves; Ciaran McMullan, S/M, ex-Cliftonville; David McLaughlin, M/D; Aaron Crossan, M; Derek Craig, M.

Players out: Kyle Ferguson, D, new assistant-manager.

Last season: P 26 W12 D7 L7 F38 A36 – Points 43 (5th, Division 1a)

Opening matches: Aug 9, Crumlin United (a); Aug 12, Larne Tech OB (a); Aug 16, Abbey Villa (h).


Players in: Niall McAllister, M/D, Larne; Josh McAllister, S/M, Wellington Rec; Reece McGinley, S/M, Wellington Rec; Dylan McRandal, GK, Larne; Matt Devine, M/D; Reece Moore, D, Wellington Rec; Scott McNally, M.

Players out: Sencer Yilmaz, S, Wellington Rec; Sean Cahill, S; Rab Hunter, D.

Last season: P25 W12, D7, L6, F57 A45 - Points 34 (7th, Division 1a).

Opening matches: Aug 9; St Patrick’s YM (a); Aug 12, UUJ (h); Aug 16, Crewe United (h).


Players in: Andrew Dummigan, S, Shorts; Adam McGivern, M/D, Newington Rangers; Matt McDonald, M/S, Islandmagee; Mark Tweedie, S, ex-Lisburn Distillery; Keith Anderson, M, ex-Grange Rangers; Stuart Kelly, G; Andy Hall, D, Newington Rangers.

Players out: Chris Monteith, D, Nortel; Aaron Sharkey, M/D, work commitments.

Last season: P26 W7 D8 L11 F62 A66 - Points 29 (10th, Division 1a).

Opening matches: Aug 9, Abbey Villa (h); Aug 12, Rathfriland Rangers (h); Aug 16, Newington Rangers (h), Steel and Sons Cup.


Players in: Sencer Yilmaz, S, Larne Tech OB; Brendan O’Neill, Oldpark Reds; from St Comgall’s, Dean Shaw, S/M, Lee Rea, D, Philip McKendry, M; from Newington Rangers, Alan McWhirter, D, Neil Hodge, S, Matthew Rice, G; from Larne Under-18s, Colin Paisley, M, Michael Cairns, M.

Players out: Uel Morrow, S, FC Larne; Gareth McConnell, M. Josh McAllister, S, Reece Moore, D, Reece McGinley, M/S.

Last season: P26 W2 D3 L21 F19 A64 - Points 9 (second-bottom, Division 1a).

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Ballynahinch United (h); Aug 12, Sirocco Works (h); Aug 16, Ballynahinch United (a).



Players in: Scott Hamilton, G, 18th Newtownabbey OB; Alan Scott, M/D, Donard Hospital; Philip Gordon, M.

Players out: Ricky Marks, M, Kelvin OB; Ryan James, GK.

Last season: P26 W13 D2 L11 F69 A60 - Points 41 (6th, Division 1b)

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Ballynahinch Olympic (h); Aug 12, Bloomfield (h); Aug 16, Rathcoole (h), Steel and Sons Cup.


Players in: Kenny Hawthorne, M, Monkstown FC; Steven Finlay, M; Stuart McQuillan, M; Gary Sloan, M.

Players out: Scott Hamilton, G, Rathfern Rangers; Lee Garrett, M/S, Mossley FC; Ricky Moore, S/M; Robbie Torrens, M; Lee Singleton, GK, Mossley FC.

Last season: P28 W9 D5 L14 F59 A68 - Points 32 (11th, Division 1C)

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Iveagh United (a); Aug 12, Kilroot Rec (h); Aug 16, Bangor Swifts (h)


Players in: Paul Harper, M; Lee Graham, S, Nortel; Lee Wilson, M, 14th Newtownabbey; from 18th Newtownabbey OB, Lee Garrett, M/S, Lee Singleton, G.

Players out: Colin Andrews, S; Jordi Fettis, M.

Last Season: P28 W7 D7 L14 F58 A71 - Points 28 (12th, Division 1c)

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Donard Hospital (h); Aug 12, Newington Rangers (a); Aug 16, Bangor Swifts (a) Steel and Sons Cup.


Players in: Gavin Robb, G, Dunmurry Rec; Andrew Robb, D; John Roxborough, S, Basement FC; Karl Johnstone, M, Krag Albion; Dean Johnstone, M, Barn United; Aaron Wilson, D, Linfield Swifts; Ricky Stitt, D, Holywood FC: Darren Anthony, M, Greenisland; Raymond White, G; Mark Bingham, G, Albert Foundry; Geordie Lynn, D/M.

Players out: Paul Thompson, M; Tony McCune, M/S; Lee Wilson, G; to Wellington Rec, Neil Hodge, S, Alan McWhirter, D, Matthew Rice, G; to Barn United, Andy Hall, D, Adam McGivern, M/D.

Last season: P28 W8 D3 L17 F39 A73 - Points 27 (13th, Division 1c)

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Bryansburn Rangers (a); Aug 12, Mossley FC (h); Aug 16, Barn United (a), Steel and Sons Cup.



Players in: None

Players out: Craig Leworthy, S, Lisburn Distillery; Glen McAuley, M.

Last season: P28 W0 D1 L27 F18 A157 - Points 1 (bottom of Division 1c)

Opening fixtures: Aug 9, Dromore Amateurs (h); Aug 12, 18th Newtownabbey OB (a); Aug 16, Holywood FC (h).