FOOTBALL: Teams from the weekend’s games

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The teams for the East Antrim Amateur League clubs from the weekend’s round of fixtures.

Rathfern Rangers (v Brantwood); Sinclair – Stockard (A Hamilton), McManus,

McMurdie, Preuss – D McBride, Gardiner, Holland, Johnston (R Hamilton) – Orr (McCrea), Moore.

Nortel (v Ardglass); Malone – Thompson (Fenner), Cardwell, McKimm,

Freyne – Monteith,, McMurdie (Crawford), Lorrimer, T Clarke – McCann (Irwin), J Clarke.

Mossley FC (v Comber Rec); Jenkins – J McKinney, Young, K Harper (Barton), Crowe – Fletcher, G McKinney, Proctor, Bell (Agnew) – Miskimmin (Graham), Moore.

Wellington Rec (v Trojans); P Morton – Nelson, Cahoon, S Cowie (Paisley),

Magill (Wilson) – C Morton, Moore, Todd, Waide – J McAllister, Hilditch (Shaw).

Larne Tech OB (v 1st Bangor OB); Adair – Workman, Devine, Grant, Campbell

– McNally, McAllister, Wharry (Brownlee) (McConaghy), Monaghan – McGinley, Kelly (Webb),

Barn United (v Richill); Haggan – McKee, P Mathers, A Anderson, Armstrong

– Doyle (McCune), Spence, Smyth (Griffith), K Anderson – Kane, McDonald (Gibb).