ONSIDE: Football on a Sunday? It’s a family day for me ...

Adrian Hack
Adrian Hack

Recently I wrote about the possibility of summer football. This week, here are my thoughts on Sunday football.

Northern Ireland’s EURO2016 qualifying match against Finland has been nominated by UEFA to take place on a Sunday. The natural next step is for domestic football to consider the same option.

I have no doubt Irish League football has to keep up with modern times. Ice Hockey remains a popular sporting spectacle, Ulster Rugby is on a high and the XBOX and Playstation generation are glued to their screens.

Football has more competition than ever for spectators.

Summer football is something I think is long overdue.

It’s an outdoor sport, and as we’ve become a nation of softies - not everyone is prepared to stand huddled inside winter coats on a blustery January afternoon, though a few are made of stronger stuff.

If we have midweek summer fixtures, with the longer evenings negating any need for floodlights, do we really need to eat further into our weekends by playing on a Sunday?

I wouldn’t personally advocate that. I’m not religious, but Sundays are very much a family day for me.

If we have summer football, there’s no need for Sunday football.

Written by Adrian Hack.