Baize cuemen brush past in-house rivals

SNOOKER GREEN Baize A picked up full points from the latest in-house Turkington Precast Division One tussle to increase the gap at the head of the league standings.

Results across the County Armagh Snooker League programme proved in the favour of a Green Baize title push – with Fairgreen only able to draw and Cue Club One without a fixture.



CONOR Gillespie and David Emerson shared the early spoils.

Gillespie controlled the first frame on the way to success by 52-21 before Emerson hit back for a 73-35 triumph.

Andrew Agnew, the A captain, met his counterpart, Trevor McConnell, in the second clash.

The thrilling head-to-head featured strong play across the baize as Agnew posted early breaks before McConnell battled back into contention.

Agnew regrouped to regain the upper hand with a 74-61 scoreline courtesy of pots on pink and black.

McConnell moved clear across the second frame by 31 points before Agnew enjoyed a spell on top.

Pots on the brown and blue pushed McConnell clear by 17 with just 13 remaining on the table.

However, a foul on the pink allowed Agnew to take advantage and close out the frame by 74-72.

Stuart Wells lost out to Stephen Black by 2-0, with the latter in top form for the senior side.

He followed up his initial 72-19 win by claiming the second on a 60-53 tally as Wells moved 47 up off a 32 break, only for his senior rival to respond with a winning performance.

Alan Cherry closed out the Green Baize A session with a 2-0 victory against Robert Armstrong.

Cherry edged over the first-frame colours for a 75-41 win.

Cherry’s early second-frame break of 36 provided the Green Baize A man with a commanding position on the way to overall success.


LEGION 4 FAIRGREEN 4: I.Beatty 1 K.White 1, I.Megaw 1 N.Meredith 1, K.Johnston 0 R.Stock 2, S.Nesbitt 2 R.Asokan 0.

CUE CLUB TWO 4 LEGIONAIRES 4: M.Collum 1 K.Nesbitt 1, F.Purcell 2 K.Black 0, C.Flanagan 1 R.Gillanders 1, R.Wackett 0 J.Hendren 2.


LEGION 4 GREEN BAIZE TRAVELLERS 1: G.Croft 49 J.Moffett 28, I.Beatty 47 D.Harrison 60, I.Megaw 57 J.Hawthorne 43, S.Nesbitt 62 T.Quin 49, K.Johnston 48 N.Robinson 47.

GREEN BAIZE A 3 GREEN BAIZE C 2: A.Cherry 30 S.Hutchinson 69, S.Black 64 G.Gillow 35, D.Emerson 49 R.Porter 51, L.Emerson 54 R.Porter 27, A.Agnew 57 D.Gillow 51.

FAIRGREEN 4 GREEN BAIZE B 1: K.White 71 S.Wells 54, R.Stock 63 R.Armstrong 30, N.Meredith 78 R.McConnell 38, J.Crozier 91 T.McConnell 57, R.Asokan 31 C.Gillespie 76.

LEGION CUP (SEMI-FINAL DRAW): Green Baize Young Lions/Legionaires v Legion; Green Baize A v Fairgreen.