Mossley hosts U11 hockey tournament

Mossley hosted U11s from Randalstown and Carrick for a great day of hockey at The Glade last week.

The local club’s U11 A and B teams won all their matches, and faced each other in the last game of the day! All the teams played some great hockey with amazing enthusiasm and skill in all areas of the pitch.

Mossley’s results were:

Mossley B 9 v Randalstown B 0 - (Mossley scorers: Beth Tyrell 7 and Laura Hull 2)

Mossley A 3 v Carrick A 1 - (Mossley scorers: Alex Fawcett, Ellen White, Rebecca Walker)

Randalstown A 0 v Mossley A 5 - (Mossley scorers: Julia Upritchard, Rebecca Walker 3, Alex Fawcett)

Mossley B 2 v Carrick B 0 - (Mossley scorers: Beth Tyrell, Lucy Logan)

Randalstown B 0 v Mossley A 7 - (Mossley scorers: Alex Fawcett 3, Julia Upritchard 3, Annabel McGrath)

Randalstown A 1 v Mossley B 2 - (Mossley scorer: Beth Tyrell 2)

Mossley A 5 v Carrick B 0 - (Mossley scorers: Annabel McGrath, Rebecca Walker 2, Rachel Duff 2)

Mossley A 6 v Mossley B 1 - Mossley A scorers: Rebecca Walker 2, Alex Fawcett, Julia Upritchard, Rachel Duff, Annabel McGrath. Mossley

B scorer: Beth Tyrell)