Weekend results from around the local lofts

Anthony and Norman Lewis (Doagh and District). INLT 33-920-CON
Anthony and Norman Lewis (Doagh and District). INLT 33-920-CON

The N.I.P.A. were in Roscrea on Saturday and the birds were liberated at 7.45 am. Topping Section C this week were brothers Anthony and Norman Lewis from Doagh. They were also first in the NIPA Open.

Section C results

Ballycarry: 1st, 2nd, B. McCammon 1751, 1749; 3rd, 4th, A. Cooke 1705, 1705.

Ballyclare HPS: (17/310) 1st, G. and R .Lawrie 1789; 2nd, 4th, G. McNeilly 1769, 1748; 3rd A. Thompson 1749.

Carrick and District HPS: 1st, 2nd, T. Creighton and Son 1708, 1694; 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. R. Reid 1688.

Carrick Social: 1st, 2nd, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson 1787, 1780; 3rd, E Gilliland 1777.

Doagh and District HPS: 1st, A. and N. Lewis 1810; 2nd, 3rd, Mr. and Mrs. McNeilly 1804, 1803; 4th, J. Wilson and Sons 1778.

Eastway HPS: 1st, 2nd, M. and T. Griffiths 1784, 1782; 3rd, 4th, G McKenna 1776, 1772.

Glenarm and District HPS: 1st, 4th, G. McWhirter 1762, 1662; 2nd, O. O’Neill and Son 1697; 3rd, Currell and Robinson 1678.

Horseshoe HPS: 1st, K. and D. Hagans 1774; 2nd, M. and M. Small and Partners 1752; 3rd, J Morrison 1752; 4th, K. and F. Hagans 1751.

Kingsmoss: 1st, 2nd, J. Dawson and Son 1754, 1721; 3rd, 4th, J. and S. Graham 1721, 1718. Larne and District HPS: (29/789) 1st, A.S. McNaghten 1805; 2nd. Crawford and Robinson 1804; 3rd, L. and S. O’Neill and Sons 1791; 4th, C. Campbell and Son 1779. Two bird winners: 1st, A.S. McNaghten; 2nd, R. Mills and Son.

Weekly sale bird: C. Campbell and Son, and R. Glass. Golden ring: R. Glass and L. & S. O’Neill and Sons.

Ligoniel: 1st, 2nd, 4th, Bingham & Seaton; 3rd, G & M Atcheson.