Barr, Irwin and McCormick in action at Hawkstone

Martin Barr, Glenn McCormick and Graeme Irwin.
Martin Barr, Glenn McCormick and Graeme Irwin.

Three East Antrim motocross riders were in action at Hawkstone Park for the latest round of the British Championship at the weekend.

Doagh’s Martin Barr was disappointed at just missing out on an overall podium at Sunday’s event, but, at the same time, he was pleased to be back on the pace.

“I’ve started to go forward again,” said the MX1 BRT KTM rider.

“The bike was brilliant but I just need to find that extra speed that the guys in front have. They are regular GP competitors and I suppose that is the difference. Hopefully I can find that edge and tag on to the quicker men in the future rounds.”

In his three races he finished fourth, third and fifth which gave him fourth overall and moves him up to fifth in the championship.

“I’m happy with the progress but it would have been nice to get a podium. Maybe next time,” he added.

Carrick’s Graeme Irwin was in better form after his outing on the Heads and All Threads Suzuki saw him finish sixth overall.

“We are getting the bike sorted bit by bit and that’s good. In the first race I didn’t feel comfortable on the bike but still finished sixth.

“After a few small changes to the forks it felt better in race two except a crash blew any chances of a decent result.

“I hit a small bump that kicked me sideways and off the track and by the time I got going again the best I could finish was 10th. In race three it was another sixth, but the bike was certainly better by the end of the day.”

In the MX2 class, it was a debut at the Hawkstone track for Glenn McCormick on the Agnew Recovery / Watts Motorcycles KTM.

“It was certainly an eye-opener,” admitted the Gleno rider.

In his three races, McCormick’s best finish was 25th in race two. Race one was going well when he crashed at the ‘table top’ and went over the handlebars.

In race three he made a decent start but halfway round lap one crashed and was hit by another rider. He did eventually cross the line in 30th place. “I enjoyed the track but it was tough. I’ll bounce back and when I return at least I’ll know the track,” he said.