Hamilton reflects on a disappointing Isle of Man TT

Jamie Hamilton (Craig Honda) at the Isle of Man TT. Photo: Stephen Davison.
Jamie Hamilton (Craig Honda) at the Isle of Man TT. Photo: Stephen Davison.

The 2014 Isle of Man TT races have recently finished and Ballyclare rider Jamie Hamilton returned home with three silver replicas and a bag of disappointments.

Before leaving for the Island he was full of expectations for a great fortnight, but it wasn’t to be. The Times caught up with him a few hours after he landed from his exhausting excursion in the ‘road racing capital of the world’.

The opening race of the week was the Superbike TT and the crankshaft broke on the Wilson Craig Honda on the opening lap of six.

“That was completely out of the blue but these things happen and we fixed it for the final race, the Senior, but the main fuse blew on the run to Quarter Bridge on lap one,” said Hamilton.

“You couldn’t write the script. The one good thing about the Superbike was, I suppose, that I recorded my fastest lap in practice at 125.2 mph. Just no luck in the races.”

In the first of the two Supersport races Hamilton brought the Wilson Craig Honda home in 20th place. ”It was a lonely race. When Ivan Linton passed me at Crosby on lap two I couldn’t stay with him.” he reflected.

In the second Supersport race he had a better result finishing 12th with a lap of over 123 mph. “It’s hard to believe but Linton passed me at the same place in that race as he had in the first one. The only difference was that I pushed the boat out and held him for half a lap before he disappeared. I went faster in that one which at least proved that I was riding hard.”

In the Superstock again his luck was out as the Honda ran out of fuel on lap two close to where he would be pitting at the end of the lap.

Added Hamilton: “At the end of lap one I was lying in 19th place and working my way through the field. When I stopped I was holding 14th after a lap of 125.126 mph. We filled it to the neck before the start so I have no idea why we had the fuel problem.”

His best result of the week came in the three-lap Lightweight race where he brought the Stewart Smith racing Kawasaki home in fifth.

“I had hoped for better but I tried my very best. I wish I could blame the bike but I can’t. Me riding as hard as I can on the day just wasn’t Jamie Hamilton’s best. It was disappointing but hopefully I can turn it around at my next race.”