Spanish test for Graeme Irwin

Graeme Irwin pictured with his brother Glenn at the Spanish testing
Graeme Irwin pictured with his brother Glenn at the Spanish testing

Carrick’s Graeme Irwin began his move away from motocross last weekend when he had his first outing in the Spanish sunshine at Monteblanco on the Kawasaki ZX10RR that he will race in the British Superstock 1000 class.

“I had my first run on the Kawasaki on Friday and at the end of the opening day my wrist was a lot better than I thought,” said Irwin.

“The bike itself is great and ticking all the boxes and by the end of day three I was comfortable on the bike so I am confident of making a good start to the season.

“I’ve still some work to do but we will get there.

“I’m joining the same paddock as my brothers Glenn and Andrew and it is a fantastic opportunity for me.

“Big thanks to Ross Burridge and Glenn for sorting me with a Kawasaki ZX10RR to go race in the British stock 1000.

“It’s great to have such fantastic support and the only pressure is coming from myself to succeed. I want to enjoy racing in this new venture and Kawasaki have allowed that to happen. 

“At the start of the year I’m expecting maybe to be a little off pace until I find my feet and get back to a good level of fitness but I hope to make improvements every race.

“It’s all new to me, tracks, road bikes, knee out and no mud but the determination to succeed is still the same.”

Chatting before throwing his leg over the Kawasaki stocker the former British Motocross Champion explained the whole concept of this career move was to be successful and enjoy the new experience.

“I’m now a rookie in a new sport but I believe that although it is a change of sport for me I can climb through the ranks quickly because I firmly believe that I can make it in this sport,” said Irwin.

“Glenn has bought me a bike and with the help of Ross Burridge from Kawasaki, is going to run me out of the Team 109 set up.

“I am enjoying this opportunity and everyone who knows me understands that when I am enjoying my riding I get results and Kawasaki want to support that.”

You had a natural gift to race MX for so many years. How do you think that experience will transfer to the tarmac?

“When I rode the superbike at the Sunflower back in 2015 I was able to transfer my motocross skills across to the track racing so yes what I have learned over the years will be useful in the coming season,” said the Carrick rider.

“My biggest issue is to get 100% fit again. Honestly for me I know that when I am fit and healthy I can do quite amazing things on a motorcycle. I proved that in motocross.

“Looking back to when I done my wrist I thought that I would never be able to hold a pen again never mind ride a motorcycle.

“When I lay in hospital with my wrist injury I had lost 90% of the feeling and 95% of movement from my wrist down to my fingers I thought my bike career was over.

“But now with the help of Kawasaki I have another chance to prove myself and when I wheel the Kawasaki on to the grid for race one I will have a massive smile on my face and will be aiming for the top.

“My bike will be to the highest spec that it can be for the British Superstock 1000 class.

“It’s hard to believe that Glenn, Ross and Kawasaki have built me this amazing machine and I have only done a handful of track days.

“Although I am not racing motocross competitively I haven’t completely left motocross behind, as I will still have time to ride a motocrosser for fun, which will help with my training.

“I’m in a good place again and ready to begin this next chapter in my career,” added Graeme.