Ballyclare cueist who almost quit makes NI Masters

John Barrons (right) pictured with Nigel Mulligan. INNT 20-804CON
John Barrons (right) pictured with Nigel Mulligan. INNT 20-804CON

Ballyclare pool player John Barrons is set to compete in a prestigious national tournament following his recent success in a regional competition.

Barrons, who plays for the Ferrets team, won the Ballyclare Pool League’s Senior Individuals tournament earlier this month. His 5-2 win over John Mulligan qualified him for a place in the Northern Ireland Pool Association (NIPA) Masters tournament.

“I’d taken a break from the game and I play for the Ferrets, a team that has struggled all season at the foot of the Ballyclare League, so my win came as a bit of a shock.

“The tournament included Northern Ireland internationals who didn’t make the semis, so the competition was very strong, which made my win even more of a surprise.”

The Ballyclare Senior champion is looking forward to competing against other regional champions in the Masters event in Bangor (June 12).

He added: “I had played pool as an international three years ago, the European championships in Bridlington, England, and the Nations Cup in Coleraine in 2015, but I had taken a break since.

“I had given up on pool, really. However, I was coaxed into playing by Ferrets’ team captain Alan Stewart this season, so, really, it is down to him that I was playing in the seniors tournament.”

John also hailed the Ballyclare League as one of the most pro-active in the country.