Barry McGuigan sure talk is cheap before Carl Frampton faces Scott Quigg

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton’s performance will not be affected by the ‘wind up’ attempts from Scott Quigg’s camp when the boxers meet in Manchester on Saturday, according to Barry McGuigan.

McGuigan’s fighter Frampton will face Quigg in the eagerly anticipated fight for the IBF and WBA titles.

In the build-up to the unification fight, McGuigan claims Quigg, his trainer Joe Gallagher and promoter Eddie Hearn have been trying to wind ‘The Jackal’ up .

But former WBA World champion McGuigan says Frampton will be cool, calm and collected when the first bell rings.

“Kiko Martinez did it, Chris Avalos did it.

“There was lots of fiery stuff in the press in the way up to the fight, really vitriolic stuff, face-to-face stuff and all of that, and the fight comes around and Carl is cool as a cucumber.

“All of the stuff, all of the hot air doesn’t matter.

“All I know is that Frampton will turn up on the 27th - he is in the best shape of his life.

“All of this banter and comments and sneaky stuff - that has done our job for us. They have motivated this kid,” he added.

Cyclone Promotions CEO McGuigan is convinced his man will get the job done when he finally gets to meet Quigg in the ring.

“I’ve never seen his weight better, I’ve never seen him better, he’s in unbelievable shape.

“All the talk and everything else means nothing. Let’s just shut up, get to the 27, and get on with it.”

McGuigan believes this is only the start of the Frampton journey with bigger fights on the horizon.

“We’re halfway through his career and this is his most important fight. There are other major fights out there for him, too.

“Quigg is a dangerous puncher and Carl will have to concentrate the whole way through this fight, but I think he’s better than him in every department including punching power.

“Everything has to be tidy. I absolutely believe 100 per cent that he will win this fight and it will be one of his career-defining fights.

“My goal in life is to prove that this kid is an outstanding fighter and make his career better than mine.

“I felt that I didn’t reach the potential I had and I don’t want that to be the story with Frampton.

“I really want him to be the star I believe I could have been.

“This is another rung on the ladder and it’s going to lift him to another level.”