Carl Frampton wants to go down in history like Barry McGuigan

Belfast super-bantamweight Carl Frampton
Belfast super-bantamweight Carl Frampton

IBF World Champion Carl Frampton believes he still has work to do if he wants to reach legend status like his manager Barry McGuigan.

Frampton will defend his title for the third time and challenge for the WBA World title when he faces Scott Quigg in Manchester on February 27.

And even if he wins that clash - Frampton is sure that McGuigan is still way ahead of him.

“I would love to win more titles, unify the super bantamweight division, then win a world title at a weight division above.

“When you do all that, you’ll go down in history - like McGuigan.”

And Frampton is sure he will have great backing when he faces Quigg in England.

“You’re going to expect boos because Quigg’s fans are going to get behind their man, but I believe I’m going to have three-quarters of the support in the arena that night.

“That’s something Scott will have to deal with.

“When he comes out onto the ramp in front of the home fans, and he’s getting a worse reception than the so-called away fighter, how’s he going to deal with that? I just can’t wait to get started,”