Mum in Whiteabbey backing mental health campaign

A mum in Whiteabbey is among parents from across Northern Ireland who have joined forces to help launch mental health campaign, #TakeAMoment.

#TakeAMoment is aimed at breaking down barriers of guilt, shame, loneliness, embarrassment, fear, confusion and other stigmas associated with perinatal depression and anxieties.

Mum of two Bybit Areketa, who lives in Whiteabbey who is part of the #TakeAMoment campaign, to help improve mental health in parents.

Mum of two Bybit Areketa, who lives in Whiteabbey who is part of the #TakeAMoment campaign, to help improve mental health in parents.

The campaign will aim to encourage new parents and, indeed, everyone to prioritise their mental health.

The mums and dads backing the campaign feature in a no holds barred short film which can be viewed at where they share their own varied experiences of parenthood in an open, honest, often emotional, frank and very personal way.

Bybit Areketa (34) is the Director of Mental and Emotional Wellness Trust and lives in Whiteaabbey.

Bybit, a mum of two, said: “I am passionate about every aspect of mental health and this includes maternal mental health.

“Being a mum myself has opened me up to the mental and emotional challenges and experiences that come with this role. As a result, I’m grateful to be part of this #TakeAMoment campaign, to help improve mental health in mothers.”

With 20 per cent of women and 10 per cent of men experiencing symptoms of post natal depression and associated anxieties, the campaign aims to encourage parents to download the free Moment Health app on iOS and Android and #TakeAMoment to seek the help they deserve from tracking their moods and emotions to locating services in their area and accessing a secure online community of like minded parents.

Speaking about the launch of #TakeAMoment, Moment Health CEO and founder, Nuala Murphy, said: “I believe we have a responsibility to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of new and expectant parents and those that care for them, at home, in the workplace and across our communities. When we go through early intervention we have the potential to affect the mental health of future generations, so I want this campaign to assist with early intervention. I would encourage everyone to #TakeAMoment to consider their mental health and be empowered with the knowledge they need to seek help and recover.”

Anyone interested in #TakeAMoment, can download the Moment Health app free on iOS and Android. Apple Store:; Google Play: // Or find out more at