Co. Antrim woman saves the day at Donegal Rally

A quick thinking Ballyclare woman has become a Youtube sensation after saving a horse which had strayed onto the track at the Donegal Rally.

Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 1:16 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th June 2018, 4:53 pm

Brave Molly McCrory had been watching the rally on Saturday as a spectator when the horse made its way onto a section of the high speed course, narrowly avoiding the rally cars.

As others failed to capture the horse, she took it upon herself to calm down the stressed animal and save it from the Knockalla stage of the race.

Thankfully, Molly has experience handling horses, owning three and training others and she put this to good use.

Molly calms the horse and uses a camera strap as a head collar to get him under control. Picture by Aidy J Craig

The video of her heroics went viral, but Molly told the Newtownabbey Times that she is just glad the horse is safe.

She said: “The horse seemed to get badly spooked by the cars. He just got very scared and I managed to catch him.

“I actually have horses myself, it’s just as well I was there. As there wasn’t many horsey people about, they were more into their four-wheeled cars rather than four legs.

“It’s just as well I managed to catch him, I put the camera strap round him and managed to get a belt off someone and made a head collar to lead him down the road.

“I put my hand on his shoulder and he just seemed to calm down instantly, his body language changed and I knew the horse was going to be okay.”

“All we could think about was this horse going to get hit, it wasn’t pleasant to watch but he was caught.

“We walked him down the road and found his owner.”