Cogry lodge members celebrate bicentenary

More than 100 brethren assembled at Cogry Masonic Hall in Ballyclare for a special bicentennial anniversary meeting to celebrate the founding of the lodge in 1814.

Saturday, 5th July 2014, 6:04 am
M.W. Bro George Dunlop (second from right) Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Ireland and Rt. W.Bro John Dickson, Provincial Grand Master, Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim, pictured beside the stained glass window, which was gifted by Rashee Temperance Masonic Lodge, 736 to mark the bicentenary of Cogry Union Masonic Lodge No 148. Representing their Lodge at the service of dedication were W.Bro Richmond McKay, Rt. Wor Bro Hugh Taggart, W.Bro David Montgomery and Bro Alan Munce. Pic by Pat McGuigan

The event, hosted by Cogry Union Lodge No.148, involved a large number of guests, including the Grand Master of Ireland, MW Bro. George Dunlop, the Provincial Grand Master of Antrim, RW Bro. John Dickson and other dignitaries, together with members of local lodges Rashee Temperance No.736, Ulster Memorial No.549 and St. Columba No.637, who also reside at Cogry Masonic Hall.

All were welcomed by the Worshipful Master of Cogry Union Lodge, Wor. Bro. Richard McConnell.

In the early days lodges met in farmhouses or taverns and Cogry Union Lodge commenced its long journey two hundred years ago in the room of a small inn on Main Street, Ballyclare, owned by John Murdock.

After several changes of abode the lodge finally erected a new hall at Cogry in 1878. The hall was extended in 1923 to cope with increased membership and further refurbished in 1996.

To commemorate the bicentennial anniversary, stained glass windows were presented for the front of the hall.

The lower left window was gifted by Rashee Temperance 736 and depicts their lodge seal. The lower right window was gifted by St. Columba 637, also depicting their lodge seal. The middle window sections depict the seal used by Cogry Union 148 during the major part of the nineteenth century, and the square and compasses with the bicentenary dates.

The left upper window was gifted by the Taggart family and depicts both a Senior Warden jewel, representative of Bro. M. Taggart, current Senior Warden 148; and a Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works Jewel, representative of R.W. Bro. H.A. Taggart, P.P.G.S.W, and Past G.L. Rep. to Oregon, together with a Treasurer jewel, representative of Wor. Bro. Tom Taggart, past Treasurer of Rashee Temperance 736.

The upper right window was gifted by the McConnell family and depicts both a Worshipful Master jewel, representative of W. Bro. R. McConnell, current Worshipful Master 148, and a Past Master jewel, representative of W. Bro’s. H. and W. McConnell, father and grandfather to the Worshipful Master, respectively.

All the windows have matching embellished surrounds.

The principal events of the anniversary meeting were a presentation on the history of the lodge given by Wor. Bro. Alan McLorie and a service of thanksgiving and dedication conducted by Wor. Bro. Rev. W. Derek Weir.