Newtownabbey residents targeted by scam callers

Police have stated there has been an increase in the number of ‘scam calls’ being reported in Newtownabbey.

It is understood the main topics of the calls are HMRC and the internet.

Scam calls have been reported.

Scam calls have been reported.

Urging residents to be vigilant, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Thankfully most people have seen through these calls and no personal details or money passed, however, we are mindful the odd one does get through.

“If you do receive an unwanted call, the main point we want to get across is do not give out personal information or forward any money or vouchers.

“If you have any concerns about unwanted calls, hang up and if tempted to ring back, research the company first and use another phone.

“If you know of anyone who has passed personal information or money, then do not hesitate getting in touch with us on 101.”