Police seize alcohol from anti-social teens

Police conducted patrols in Jordanstown.
Police conducted patrols in Jordanstown.

Police have called on parents to know where their children are after a number of incidents across Newtownabbey on Saturday night.

Officers from Newtownabbey NPT were carrying out anti-social behaviour (ASB) patrols in response to community concerns, when they came across the incidents on July 27.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “We moved a large number of youths on at The Diamond, Rathcoole and at Jordanstown. Alcohol was located, seized and disposed of.

“We conveyed a number of youths home who were too intoxicated to be left alone.

“We continue to try our best to keep your kids safe, however the onus is on you, the parent/guardian to know where your kids are.

“We don’t like seeing intoxicated youths lying in their own vomit and urine, abandoned by their so called ‘mates.’

“Please know where your child is to keep them safe.”