Police stop children on scramblers

Police stopped children on scramblers.
Police stopped children on scramblers.

Police in Newtownabbey responded to reports of scramblers causing a nuisance in the region on Saturday night.

Officers from Newtownabbey Neighbourhood Policing Team stopped children of primary school age riding scramblers in a public place.

Commenting on the incident, a PSNI spokesperson said: “The use of motorised vehicles such as scramblers, go-peds, buzz boards and quads as a leisure activity can be both exciting and fun, however, as with most outdoor activities, the use of these vehicles can, in some circumstances, be dangerous.

“Go-peds, scooters, quads, and certain scramblers do not comply with construction and use legislation and vehicle standards so are therefore restricted to off-road use only.

“Such vehicles can only be used on private property where you have permission to ride, not on the road or public place.

“If used on the road, the rider would require: a driving licence, at least third party insurance, have the vehicle registered with the DVLNI and display a number plate, have and display a Vehicle Excise Licence, have obligatory lamps, reflectors, rear markings and devices fitted, fulfil all requirements in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1999 and a protective helmet.”

The spokesperson added: “Please ensure that any child in your care understands both the legal and safety needs before and during use of these vehicles.

“In certain circumstances, parents/guardians, as well as the riders of such vehicles, may be reported for prosecution or issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice. Police may also seize the vehicle, where appropriate.

“Please show consideration to others. No-one wants a tragedy in our community.”