Police tasked to anti-social teens across Newtownabbey

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Police responded to reports of teenagers involved in anti-social behaviour across Newtownabbey on Saturday.

Officers dealt with a number of incidents including underage drinking in Mossley and a fire in Rathcoole.

Detailing the incidents, a PSNI spokesperson said: “The first call of the evening was to the park in Rathcoole. On arrival we recovered a wheelie bin which would have ended up on the fire full of material to be burnt.

“The second call came from concerned residents in the Mossley area, who called in relation to a group of 30 to 40. This resulted in alcohol seizures from children as young as 13 and names and addresses being noted for follow-up by our Youth Diversion Officer.

“It’s not about chasing kids for the fun of it. Alcohol and kids don’t mix- it’s about the safety of our young out and about on roads, that drunk they can’t keep themselves safe.

“Later, we changed into two Landrovers after a report came in about a few bottles being thrown at a police patrol in Old Mossley.”

The incidents came as police increased patrols in the region in response to concerns about anti-social behaviour in the borough.