Uninsured motorist to appear in court

An uninsured driver is to appear in court after a number of motoring offences were detected by police.

Monday, 8th October 2018, 10:32 am
Updated Monday, 8th October 2018, 10:34 am
The van was seized in Newtownabbey.

Detailing the incident, which occurred on Saturday, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Another uninsured driver taken off the roads in Newtownabbey today by E Section.

“The driver will have the pleasure of attending court for no insurance, no tax, no MOT and two defective tyres.”

Drawing attention to the defective tyres, the spokesperson added: “On a more serious note, have a look at the tread on this tyre. Imagine the driver tried to stop suddenly behind you.

The vehicle had two defective tyres.

“If he hit you, who pays for the damage? The answer is all of us.”