Christianity is ‘soft target’ in bakery gay marriage row

I am an Ulsterman living in Norfolk yet I keep atuned daily to events at home and occasionally visit friends in Newtownabbey.

It is good that you have several Ashers stores in your borough yet not surprisingly the equality issue in Northern Ireland has once again raised its head with the Christian faith being targeted now.

This time Ashers Bakery declined an order from a homosexual pressure group, namely QueerSpace, on grounds of Biblical authority. The offending slogan was ‘Support Gay Marriage’ which has taken this cause to a new level, where tolerance has given way to promotion.

The dictionary definition of equality has been replaced by politically correct interpretation. I believe the Equality Commission has singled out Christianity as a soft target, where a key tenet is turning the other cheek with humility and grace. Compare this with Islam which like Christianity forbids same sex relationships, but is more vociferous in its opposition to this sexual orientation, often imposing draconian sanctions in pursuit of Sharia Law.

If for example a Muslim takeaway declined a homosexual service on grounds of his sexuality, would the same Equality Commission take up a case under its purported values? I think the answer to this question can be found in the last paragraph.

I support those making a stand in Ashers for biblical values 100 per cent and trust that those Christian councillors within Newtownabbey Council and the churches in Newtownabbey will show support in the public square.

A dimension of hypocrisy has to be pointed out on the part of the Equality Commission defending the pressure group QueerSpace. One wonders if this case is successful and Christian conscience is denied by the courts just where our nation of the UK is headed. Our forefathers fought admirably against Nazi Germany to stop such dictatorship.

David Fleming